Sunday, June 18, 2017

And One More

There is one more disqualification I need to highlight, since it has effected HCWE riders in several shows, as I was reminded by several of our competitors.

Start and Finish line in the EOH course must be completed as marked on the course map. On the course map, the course designer will indicate which direction the rider should move through the start and finish line when beginning and ending their EOH course. Sometimes it is the same direction and at other times it is the opposite direction. The rider must start and finish in the direction indicated or it is considered a course error, and since it is at the start/finish of the course, there is no way to correct it. Below are things to consider about the start/finish line.
  • Crossing the start/finish line before completing the EOH course results in a disqualification. Plan your navigation of the course without crossing between those posts. At one of the arenas HCWE hosts their shows at, there is a fixed "gate" (natural obstacle) most frequently used as the start and finish line. Sometimes it would be easier to cross through there between obstacles. To do so would result in a disqualification. 
  • Saluting the judge before crossing the finish line will result in a disqualification. There is a lot to remember when walking the course prior to riding the EOH/Speed course. Be sure to envision crossing the finish line before saluting the judge. 
  • Crossing the start/finish line in the opposite direction of what is indicated on the course map is a disqualification. This has happened to several HCWE competitors. Be sure you understand when walking the course which direction the course finishes on.
Once again, HCWE strongly suggests all competitors read the rules and ask a WE trainer for clarification of any question you might have. 

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