Tuesday, June 27, 2017

PVF Schooling Show June 24/25

HCWE held their second show of 2017 on June 24-25. There were twelve Intro riders on Saturday and 13 riders on Sunday. The competitors seemed to have a great time, helping out and supporting each other. The great thing about this group of people is how supportive they are with each other. Congrats to all of our riders!!! We saw improvement across the board, and we offered the water obstacle for the first time in competition. That will need to be a focus for many riders in the next three weeks!

Show results for the weekend:

Award winners from the second day.

HCWE added the Advanced category to our shows for the rest of the year and had the pleasure of watching TJ ride her advanced test, and Chris riding the advanced dressage test as HC. 

Photos will be found on the photos page from the home page.

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  1. It was a fantastic show, I had a blast. Thanks to everyone for the hard work putting it on :)