Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hallo - WE - en

Second Annual HCWE 

Hallo - WE - en 
Speed Trial Jackpot 

October 29th
Circle Star Arena
10 am - 2 pm 
$10 Haul In Fee

 Come in Costume!!!

(But a costume you can do a Speed Round in)

Open to All Levels
(Intro will race against Intro)

 HCWE will provide BBQ for Potluck
 Everyone else can bring a dish!!
Intro: Salad or Veggie Dish 
Novice: Appetizers/Chips/Dip/Finger Foods
Intermediate/Advanced: Desserts

 Speed Jackpot: $30/a run
$$ will be distributed based on # of Entries

Time credit for excellent costumes

Please make sure the costume is safe for a speed round.
Kitty and Chris acting judges

Friday, August 18, 2017

Save the Date


Our End of Year Party will be 
November 11th, 2017

A wonderfully delish dinner will be catered

Dinner starts at 5:30 pm

The location will be the Izaak Walton Clubhouse

18 South Sunset Street
Longmont, CO 80501

 This meeting will be our annual General meeting of the Club


High Point Awards

General Celebration of the Year

 Chance to appreciate our Competitors, 
Volunteers and  Members



Thursday, August 10, 2017

Check Us Out

Hey Everyone!!
First, a huge shout out to Stacey Ruel for managing our IT needs for the past three years!!!!
Second, thank you to Marion of Marion's Web for our new website!!
Third: Check Us Out!!!

Monday, August 7, 2017

August B-Rated Show Results

August 4-5, 2017
Intro Amateur Riders                      Dressage             EOH            Speed
          Jo Bottorff/Holiday                               62.857                         58.235             N/A
Mary Sadler/Heart                               58.810                         59.118             N/A
 Champion: Jo Bottorff/Holiday
Reserve Champion: Mary Sadler/Heart

Intro Amateur Open                        Dressage             EOH            Speed
            Lyndsey Fitch/Cider                          53.10                           61.47               N/A

Champion: Lyndsey Fitch/Cider

Novice A Amateur Riders              Dressage             EOH            Speed
            Barbara Harris/Fortunate Destiny       62.727                         67.75               3:01.17
            Annaleen Vermeulen/Levi                   62.273                         59.50               3:29.23
Kim Speek/Sabio                                60.455                         58.00               3:30.62
Jo Teter/Copy of Bandy                      54.545                         56.250             3:07.14
            Leslie Martien/Satori                           49.545                         DQ                   3:41.71
Champion: Barbara Harris/Fortunate Destiny
Reserve Champion: Annaleen Vermeulen/Levi
Novice A Open Riders                     Dressage            EOH            Speed
            Lauren Gueswel/Holiday                  66.136                        57.250             3:36.98

Champion: Lauren Gueswel/Holiday

Novice B Amateur Riders              Dressage             EOH            Speed
          Jo Teter/Teter’s Dazzle                       57.885                         61.75               2:35.58
      Karen Burch/Ashke                             50.00                           53.50               DQ
Champion: Jo Teter/Teter’s Dazzle
Reserve Champion: Karen Burch/Ashke
Intermediate A Open Riders          Dressage             EOH            Speed
          Sheri Prucka/Bachiller RIS                  54.821                        60.000             3:28.28
Champion: Sheri Prucka/Bachiller RIS

Intermediate B Open Riders          Dressage             EOH            Speed
            Lauren Gueswel/Smart Uno Olena     50.323                         57.619             3:20.4
       Sheri Prucka/Xampu Interagro            60.323                         58.095             DQ
Champion: Lauren Gueswel/Smart Uno Olena
Champion: Sheri Prucka/Xampu Interagro