Wednesday, November 15, 2017

HCWE General Meeting and Year End Awards Banquet

High Country Working Equitation held their general meeting and year end awards banquet on Saturday, November 11, 2017. The food was awesome: beef tenderloin, roasted chicken, roasted veggies, roasted potatoes, salad, salmon, chips and guacamole, cake and grape dessert. A shout out to the cooks for their effort on Saturday in lieu of ponies - it was a fantastic feast.

Lauren Gueswel and Steve B ripping chicken apart in prep for dinner

After the attendees were fed, the general meeting began.

Chris Stanko, President, welcomes everyone and begins the meeting

Much was talked about. It was determined that within the club we have riders that want to participate in Fun Days and Schooling Shows, and riders who want to compete in Rated Shows, for National Awards and Medals. HCWE believes we will be able to accommodate both in the coming year, but it will take help from our community in volunteers to make it happen.

Karen Burch, VP/Treasurer and Chris Stanko, President

The situation with WE United and the Confederation for Working Equitation entering into talks about merging into one National Organization was thoroughly discussed. Pros and cons were laid out and the Club decided to license our shows with the Confederation for Working Equitation for the 2018 season. This decision will help with keeping costs down and expand the judging pool for our shows.

The group of riders who are trained by Lyndsey Fitch.

Nancy Copeland and Ann Hayes honored with HCWE's Golden Riders Award.

Acknowledging and Thanking our Show Secretary and score keeper.

 Kitty M owner of Circle Star Arena, honored for hosting shows this year.

Lauren Gueswel honored for hosting our shows.

 Year End Awards: High Point Championship Buckle, Reserve Champion Yeti Tumbler and Honorable Mention Scarf

 High Point Championship Buckle

Jo B, winner of Intro level High Point 2017

Sharon V winner of Reserve Champ Novice B

Sheri P, winner of High Point Champ Intermediate A, Intermediate B
Honorable Mention Intermediate B

Lauren Gueswel, High Point Champion Novice A Open, Intermediate B Open
Reserve Champion Novice A Open

Mary Sadler HCWE's Most Improved Rider Award
Reserve Champion Intro 

Congrats to all of our riders and winners in 2017

Intro Level Amateur
Jo Bottorff      High Point Champion 
Mary Sadler         Reserve Champion
Queta Smith        Honorable Mention

Intro Level Open
Alison Mazurkiewicz        High Point Champion
Lyndsey Fitch       Reserve Champion
Jody Marken       Honorable Mention

Novice A Amateur
 Barb Harris       High Point Champion
Kim Speek       Reserve Champion
Annaleen Vermeulen       Honorable Mention

Novice A Open
 Lauren Gueswel       High Point Champion
Lauren Gueswel       Reserve Champion
Lyndsey Fitch       Honorable Mention

Novice B Amateur
Karen Burch        High Point Champion
Sharon Vadas       Reserve Champion

Intermediate A Amateur
Sheri Prucka       High Point Champion

Intermediate B Amateur
Sheri Prucka       High Point Champion
Isabelle Sheets       Reserve Champion
Sheri Prucka       Honorable Mention

Intermediate B Open
Lauren Gueswel       High Point Champion
Chris Stanko       Reserve Champion

TJ Summerfield       High Point Champion



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